Do You Know About Essiac?

Improve General Well-Being With Essiac

ESSIAC is a tea that is made by combining four different herbs native to the wilderness area of Ontario, Canada. The herbs used in this tea are Sheep Sorrel leaves, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark and Indian Rhubarb Root. It is believed that the formula for making this tea has its origins with the Canadian Ojibway Indians. However, a nurse by the name of Rene M. Caisse is more commonly the one given credit for the tea.

Nurse Caisse is certainly considered to be a well-respected and appreciated individual after using this herbal mixture to treat a number of people in the 1920′s. The credit came to her posthumously and she never received recognition for its discovery during her lifetime. In the beginning, the use of the tea seemed to produce very encouraging results, so with the help of some doctors, she was able to set up a lab in Toronto and continue her experiment with the use of ESSIAC.

After having great success with her treatment, she eventually opened a clinic in Toronto which she operated from 1934 to 1942. The public frowned on this new treatment and were very skeptical and even the medical and government bureaucrats wanted her clinic shut down. However, she never let this stop her from doing her work.

Today, Nurse Caisse has become a figure in naturopathic medicine who is well remembered for her contribution to this field. After all, the <a href=””>tea ESSIAC</a> was named for her, it is her last name of

Caisse simply spelled backwards. The name is now a trademarked brand for traditional herbal medicine. There are numerous websites claiming to sell genuine ESSIAC, so it is important that you use care when purchasing the herbal blend from these sellers. Make sure, before you purchase, that you are getting the product with the trademarked name. This way, you can ensure you are getting a genuine product that has been tested and is well-known for its effectiveness.

There are many health applications that have been associated with ESSIAC. For example, it is thought to be beneficial for the immune system. Additionally, because it purges toxins and waste from the body, it has a beneficial effect on the liver and with repeated use, the health of the lungs, organs and other tissues can also benefit.

ESSIAC can be purchased in capsule, liquid and powdered form. If using the powder, it needs to be prepared using the traditional manner. The extract and capsule forms are ready for immediate use. With so many options, now is an excellent time to give ESSIAC a try.

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